Friday, October 21, 2016

UN Veto Power

What is UN Veto Power?
The power to veto a resolution is essentially the right to rule out, or block a resolution from being adopted. Permanent members in the UN Security Council are privileged with the right to veto a resolution. These members are the Russian Federation, China, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Great video that summarizes the role of the UN Security Council

Russia and China vetoing a resolution related to Syria Conflict
Why is it important?
Veto power surprisingly enough helps when finding compromises. Without this right, issues cannot be solved efficiently and effectually as there are disagreements between member states. An article written by Dr. Alexander Yakovenko states that "By creating this right, those who drafted the UN Charter showed understanding that if there is no agreement between the P5, problems can’t be resolved collectively and efficiently, and thus, can’t be resolved at all."
Graph showing number of vetoes per country

Veto power as stated above, can definitely help when finding compromises between member states, as there are less disagreements. Without veto power, some influential member states may not have even accepted the UN's creation without this privilege.

Misuse. There has been an ongoing debate on whether or not member states in the Security Council should have this privilege. The most important point is that member States at times have constantly been abusing this power, where a resolution is needed immediately.

The entire point of the UN is to solve existing issues, and by vetoing resolutions, member states are doing exactly the opposite. They are hindering a resolution from being implemented. A better solution to this issue, could be giving member states in the Security Council only one veto. This way, they aren't able to misuse the power as they are only given one chance to veto a resolution.

Keep in mind that I am just providing my own opinion and would be happy to have feedback and opinions from you as well.  


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